WTM Inspiring travel insights programme stating timetable for seminars

Four Travel will be hosting a series of seminars on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 November, held on Level 2 of the South Room, in SG21. These seminars will last for 45 minutes each, presented by industry experts and include topics such as global wellness trends, digital trends that inspire travel, the world of celebrity endorsement in travel and crisis management. There are further details of each below:

Global wellness trends

Start time: 2pm

Location: SG21

Global consumer trends are constantly changing and with the industry evolving and new technologies coming to the fore, identifying trends in the key segment of wellness is vital for success. This presentation will review global trends across the wellbeing and self -improvement space, including yoga, spas, self-enrichment and medical tourism, predicting trends ahead for 2019 and beyond based on digital and social data analysis.

Digital trends inspiring travel

Start time: 3pm                     

Location: SG21

What’s working and what isn’t working in the digital world. Budgets are finite, but the choices on where to invest online are infinite. Whether you’re a destination, carrier, hotel or tour operator; it’s vital to spend money where you’ll get the best return. Using case histories and referencing the latest research, Four Travel will explain where the travel industry should be focusing their marketing efforts in 2019.

Travel and the world of celebrity endorsement

Start time: 4pm                      

Location: SG21

The thirst for celebrity continues but in the growing world of social media and reality TV who do we class as celebrity and how should brands be engaging with them to maximum benefit? Looking at brands that have harnessed celebrity with different results we will discuss the best way forward in this crowded marketplace and how to ensure celebrity endorsement is used to its best advantage.

Crisis management – how to respond

Start time: 5pm                        

Location: SG21

Nearly 60% of chief executive officers believe they have an out of date crisis continuity plan.  In the ever changing media landscape we discuss the importance of responding quickly and effectively in the eye of a media and social media storm. Four explains its tried and tested risk identification process and ways of planning and preparing for issues and crises using the latest digital technology.

To book your place on any of these seminars, please contact our team at WTM@fourcommunications.com.