1 March, 2018

Four Engage has launched its newest addition to the Mapper360™ suite: Mapper360™ Influencer.

Choosing the right influencers for your campaign can be notoriously difficult, and all too often the selection criteria are based on subjective measures or on superficial data such as headline follower numbers, leading to wasted budgets and inefficient campaigns. To counter this, we have developed a rigorous approach to influencer selection, which assesses the quality of their audience, their affinity with the brand’s target audience and channel visibility and content analysis.

Each influencer identified via audience mapping is scored on a sliding scale across more than 20 potential variables, weighted according to client brief and campaign priorities. The team then liaises with the top performing influencers to agree contracts and set content guidelines, ensuring that the posts are well planned and complement the overall strategy, while still maintaining the influencer’s tone of voice and credible connection with their fanbase.

If you want to find out more about Mapper360™ Influencer then email Kath Ludlow, managing director of Four Engage, here.

Four Engage