Four Change is working with DKMS to drive sign-ups to the UK’s aligned stem cell registry by raising the profile of the blood cancer charity in the UK market and highlighting the importance of blood stem cell donations. As part of our work, we have been able to tell the story of many inspirational individuals who are either patients or donors at DKMS.

One of these individuals is Peter McCleave, who we invited into our London office to share his personal story of being diagnosed with blood cancer. Diagnosed two years ago, only weeks after completing an ironman triathlon, Peter has been given less than seven years to live if he doesn’t find a stem cell donor match.

Last October DKMS launched its ‘Lifesaver in You’ advertising campaign, which featured real people looking for their lifesaver to help inspire as many people as possible to register. One of those faces was Peter. To raise awareness we did a regional push in the North West area to help promote the campaign and drive people to

Peter continues to raise awareness of DKMS, blood cancer and the need for more potential lifesavers through his own 10,000 stem cell donor campaign which the team has also been promoting to encourage people to register as blood stem cell donors with DKMS. Peter gave an inspiring talk, capturing the emotions of colleagues here at Four, which resulted in 12 new sign-ups to the registry.

Peter says: “There are approximately 30 million people on the stem cell register globally. Unfortunately none are a match for me or thousands of other people like me. In the UK alone, only 2% of the population are signed up to donate blood stem cells. This  is actually great news as it gives so many of us hope that if enough people can be engaged in this campaign, a match is absolutely out there. So it’s now a numbers game and I am campaigning to get (as a starter!) 10,000 people, like you, signed up as potential lifesavers…”

Anna Frodsham, head of marketing and communications at DKMS said: “Peter is a real inspiration and goes above and beyond raising awareness of the issue of blood cancer and the need for more donors. We will continue to do all we can to help the search in finding lifesavers for people, just like Peter. Thanks to the wonderful team at Four, hundreds of potential lifesavers registered with DKMS in support of Peter’s appeal.”

If you are between the ages of 17 and 55 and in general good health, YOU could be Peter’s lifesaving match. Please visit to register for your home swab kit. For further information about Peter’s 10,000 stem cell donor campaign please visit

To find out more about Four Change, please email managing director Anne Clarke here.