Our methodologies

Four’s campaigns are built through our data-driven insights and planning methodologies including our campaign planning framework OPTImAL, our evaluation framework REWARD, Mapper360®  social & digital insights, Engage360 content marketing, our healthcare tool DataHub360, crisis & issues management methodology PROTECT, ROI-focused performance methodology  Footprints, and our performance-driven programmatic advertising methodology Prodius.

Optimal purple logo

We plan and execute campaigns through our OPTImAL framework to ensure that planning is in place at the start, we identify and target audiences correctly and can adapt and measure campaigns effectively. The stages of OPTImAL are: objectives, planning, thinking, implementation, adapting, learning.

Reward Purple Logo

REWARD is our evaluation framework which allows for reporting on measures across all types of campaigns from advertising to PR. The metrics include reach, engage, where & when, action, review and debrief.

Mapper 360 logo

Mapper360® makes smarter use of social media and other data to uncover actionable insights and identify, classify and target high-value audiences. Mapper360® insights are faster, deeper, more robust and more actionable than traditional forms of insight as they are based on 10,000s of relevant, real-time data points that deliver in-depth analysis on what matters most and what matters now to each client’s target audience.

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Engage360 delivers a full suite of content marketing services powered by Mapper360®, spanning all aspects of smart campaigns from asset creation and paid social targeting to ‘always on’ community management with industry-beating results.

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DataHub360 offers healthcare companies a unique insight into their customers’ online behaviour globally. Drawing on proprietary data gathered from more than 70 million healthcare professional and patient interactions online annually it generates real-world evidence of physicians’ digital behaviour in more than 50 countries. DataHub360 allows clients to set genuine benchmarks, define digital success and implement best practice to suit their objectives without a costly learning curve.

Protect logo - data driven crisis management

PROTECT (prepare, review, organise, train, evaluate, crisis support, track) is our crisis & issues management methodology. We use Mapper360® data to monitor, assess risk and plan before things go wrong. And create bespoke plans using realtime insights to help you to manage issues and help you react.

footprints - campaign to location tracking

Footprints is Four’s ROI-focused performance measurement and messaging methodology. Footprints allows us to track our paid digital campaigns, delivering insights and optimisations at each step of the customer journey. Footprints delivers conversion measurement by tracking arrivals of consumers who have previously engaged with our campaigns, to a pre-determined location. The activation of our Footprints methodology also allows us to deliver more meaningful, strategically timed connections with previously engaged users on-location.


Prodius offers a unique combination of market-leading technology and consultative expertise to deliver fully transparent, performance-driven programmatic advertising. We deliver sector-specific, fully compliant access to both professional and consumer audience sets and individuals with maximisation of campaign success and clear return on budget at the heart of the Prodius offering.


If you want to find out more about our methodologies please contact info@fourcommunications.com.