It’s a small world?

As media fragments beyond all previous imagining and social media algorithms evolve at a more rapid rate than ever, it’s becoming harder for brands to be heard over the noise of the competitive online marketplace. When it comes to solidifying brand loyalty and increasing sales, customers expect an authentic experience which speaks to them directly. Using our proprietary insights tool, Mapper360™, we did just that for two emerging markets for a global healthcare brand: the UK and Japan.

Market by market insights

Both markets have similar levels of brand awareness, retail model and shelf visibility, which may suggest the perfect conditions for a global creative platform led by their largest market, the US.  However, Mapper360™ quickly showed us that this would be the wrong approach. By delivering robust, granular insights we were able to put in place a more localised, and more effective strategy.

In the US, the brand and the condition it treats are well understood but in the UK, we discovered very minimal understanding of the condition itself among sufferers.

Based on this analysis, our first step would be to educate people about condition first, before providing the solution. In Japan, the condition is better understood and many people would consider taking the product even as a preventative measure, alongside the established local convention of wearing a face mask in winter. The main barriers to Japanese audiences focussed on a greater mistrust of non-local brands, and the taste being too sweet for Japanese palates. Therefore, content would need to build trust in a global healthcare brand and NPD development should consider their preferences with perhaps an unsweetened version.

Our approach via Mapper360™ to deploy both in-depth listening and customer/ prospect segmentation, based on thousands of real time data points and accessing hundreds of relevant online conversations, enabled us to understand and respond to the cultural nuances between international audiences – and the many audiences within each market, that had different needs from content and communications.

Putting insights into practice

The immediate challenge for brands is to better understand the behaviours and mind-set of potential customers to more effectively pinpoint which audiences and messages to prioritise and invest in. In the UK we recently launched the first pilot campaign to test the effectiveness of a strategy that was very localised, and spoke to high-value audiences in a carefully targeted and curated way – addressing the needs of audiences as polarised as ‘blokes coping in silence’ to ‘social activist women’. Copy that aims to speak to the whole planet could not accurately address the motivations and barriers of such disparate groups.

Our pilot has proved a success, with a huge sales uplift from ecommerce and pharmacies for the product in the UK driven entirely by social media marketing. The point isn’t merely that global copy which aims to speak to all will engage very few. Rather, to ignore the differences between your high value audiences even within markets, is to miss the opportunity.

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