At the recent Kuoni Worldwide Travel Report launch there was much talk about the growing demand for holidays where people can learn a new skill or take part in an experience which broadens their knowledge and understanding of the world.

This reinforces our research and evidence from our clients that the desire to learn something new is becoming a primary motivator to travel. According to Kuoni 70% of people believe their reason for booking a holiday has changed over the years with 46% saying this is due to more variety on offer, with a wider choice of activities, workshops and retreats.

As well as being influenced with what we can learn, it appears that UK holidaymakers are also still heavily influenced by film and TV. Kuoni bookings to Singapore have increased this year with the island nation hopping up seven places to number 29 in the top destinations list. This has been partly attributed to the publicity boost from the film Crazy Rich Asians and BBC’s Amazing Hotels which filmed at the iconic hotel, Marina Bay Sands.

With predictions that 2019 could be the year of the long haul trip and Kuoni long haul sales already up by 4%, this year there are plenty of motivators to travel as customers look to beyond Europe and the ongoing Brexit conversations to further afield destinations.

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