1 March, 2018

Four Health has recently been appointed to support Imutex with the development and roll-out of a 2018 communications programme for its universal flu vaccine, FLU-v. Imutex Ltd is a joint venture between SEEK Group and hVIVO plc formed in 2016 to accelerate the development of a Broad-Spectrum Influenza Vaccine (BIV) and a Zika Vaccine.

As part of Imutex’s efforts to accelerate development of its universal flu vaccine, we are working across all channels from innovator and investor relations to government and public awareness; highlighting the current impact of flu, the limitations of the current annual vaccine approach and the need for universal vaccine innovation in the wake of the current flu crisis.

With the World Health Organisation, Government and National Health Authorities setting 2020 as the year they would like to see a universal flu vaccine become available, Four Health is looking forward to supporting Imutex on its journey towards making this a reality.

For more information about communication and public affairs in the health sector please contact Alexa Forbes, chief executive of Four Health Communications, here.

Four Health Communications