Four Elements is a collection of communications products devised and delivered by experts at Four. Each can be bought as a stand-alone product if you do not require a full project plan or retained services at this stage.


Four is one of the leading agencies for prizes and awards across a range of sectors including architecture, literature, design and visual arts. We can manage all aspects of the prize cycle from prize branding, the submissions process, through to media partnerships and selection of judges.


Animation is a great way to deliver video content that stands out and goes beyond traditional corporate video. Our in-house animators produce 2D and 3D animated content from short pithy clips for use on social media through to in-depth edits.

Events creation and management

Four’s events team provides support that includes sponsor liaison, speaker briefings, management of sub-contracted teams and event budgeting. We also offer supporting in-house website development and design capabilities.

Corporate video

Video is the king of content and more than ever before plays a crucial role in marketing and communications across digital channels. We produce and manage video in-house from conception through to shoots and post-production.

Issues & crisis

We’ve worked with a vast range of businesses during their most critical issues and crafted strategic communications plans when the worst has happened. We work to devise a clear communications strategy, to manage defensive communications, and explore potential and likely scenarios to build an insightful yet responsive contingency programme to minimise impact.

Media training

Four’s media trainers can help you deliver your story in the most effective way. Our training includes an interactive session, theory and practical application interspersed with a series of practice interviews to camera allowing for progression across the course of the day. We’ve trained senior managers and newly appointed spokespeople to get them up to speed with what they’re likely to be asked.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a simulated real-world attack on a network or application which identifies vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker. We can run a detailed test then provide an analysis of where the issues lie and how to combat your weaknesses.

Brand workshop

Our brand workshops are created to develop a compelling brand platform, bringing together senior management teams and facilitating discussion. We challenge and prioritise your brand values and armed with this we can establish how to activate this proposition, both externally and internally.

Presentation training

Four can provide specialist presentation training for any scenario and whether it’s an external or internal engagement, we will help you develop your presence in order to connect with and inspire your audience.

Select committee training

We can help you prepare for a select committee appearance starting with defining the challenge and the political, policy and media context to the investigation. We conduct realistic, mock committee hearings and can organise training sessions with video feedback.


Four helps clients to understand the search space around them and capitalise on it through focused Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programmes. We offer full SEO services to clients, from technical and development solutions through to content ideation, production and distribution.


Four can manage the full programming and production of a podcast series; from sourcing a host, producing bespoke jingles, guest liaison, scripting, studio recording and post-production.

Brand champions

Four’s brand champions is an internal branding programme which aims to provide a structured process that is led by staff. By doing so, your wider team is involved in shaping the brand, giving them pride in delivery and helping to retain talent.

Sponsorship audit

Four advises organisations about all aspects of sponsorship and helps organisations across multiple industries to understand the role of sponsorship and how it fits with other marketing communications disciplines.


We can help you to reach
and obtain accessibility standards
through design and development of
your website as well as auditing.