Four is passionate about diversity in the workplace and local community and has launched a range of exciting initiatives:

Four BAME: an internal programme that promotes ethnic equality and diversity within Four Communications, to help create positive change in the everyday lives of BAME individuals, as well as to provide useful input and advice into any campaigns across the company that target the BAME community. Four BAME inspires members to develop productive long-term relationships and collaborations with other participants, invited speakers and the wider community, and share practical and enlightening advice on professional growth and progression. Four BAME is not limited to people who are of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic heritage, but also open to staff wanting to engage with these communities.

Four mentoring: mentors work closely with the Taylor Bennett Foundation to encourage more BAME candidates into the PR world

Four listening: weekly visits of volunteers from Four go to Snowfields Primary School to help pupils from reception to year 6 with maths and listening to them read

Four academy: helping Bacon’s College pupils from years 12 and 13 with CV's writing and interview techniques