Our influencer campaign for Visit Sweden gave curious travellers the chance to discover Sweden for themselves, reaching almost 1.5 million relevant users and driving over 5,000 engagements.


The main objective was to reach and engage a ‘curious traveller’ audience, enticing them with the proposition that Sweden is a distinctive destination with a multitude of exciting and unique experiences on offer.

Planning and thinking

This demographic required a statement that could be ownable, and that reflected both the brand and destination personality. Instead of relying on conventional travel messaging through advertising, our proposition was to deliver content through the channels which our target group go to for their information.


Building on this, Four engaged three sets of influencers who visited various regions in Sweden and generated captivating blog, photo and video content. We chose influencers who are well followed travellers, whose opinions are regarded as authoritative, interesting and insightful in order to create authentic, experiential endorsement.


Influencers’ content was shared organically through their owned channels and repurposed by Four for highly-targeted advertising across Facebook and Instagram as well as native content networks, incorporating the Visit Sweden brand proposition “it’s a little bit different” at all levels.

KPIs were consistently exceeded throughout the campaign to such an extent that towards the end of the campaign period, we ran a secondary set of social ads targeting users who had engaged with Visit Sweden content already.


By using a range of ad formats from carousel to video to Canvas and a variety of placements, we could re-purpose content and re-inforce messaging without appearing overbearing. Video consistently drove the highest engagements. We also focused on analytics and wider stakeholder testing to ensure resonance with our audience and ads which stimulated genuine action.

Beautiful Kallbadhuset Boardwalk
Couple boating in Smogen, Sweden
Swedish Open water piers
Yellow open field with trees