Four Communications has been the communications partner of the UAE Space Agency since its launch in 2014, for which we generated significant regional and international coverage. We have worked with the UAE Space Agency across a range of communications activities, platforms and events, maintaining strong international media attention through sustained announcements about new missions, partnerships and projects.


Primary objectives have been threefold: (1) bolster the UAE’s standing in the international space sector community and public image more generally; (2) engage with local and regional stakeholders and existing space industry bodies to unify messaging and activities; (3) raise local awareness about STEM education in general and space sector opportunities in particular.

Planning and thinking

The range of target audiences and demographics required separate statements that were nevertheless interconnected and accessible to international media, specialist space outlets and local dailies alike, in addition to social media pages. We worked closely with stakeholders to develop key messages, narratives and creative campaign ideas. In addition, we collaborated with government departments and UAE embassies around the world to plan major announcements and ensure maximum awareness and cooperation of target media.


Since the campaign launch, Four has cooperated with communications teams from key stakeholders around the world to maximise media opportunities and improve efficiency on all joint announcements. Four has also been responsible for supporting events and programmes throughout the space and higher education sector, such as public astronomy sessions in high-traffic sites during planetary oppositions. Four has delivered consistently high results across online, digital and social media platforms, leading to award-winning campaigns and success.


Our content and messaging for the UAE Space Agency is adaptable and digital by design. Using infographics, videos and testimonies from influential figures in the space industry, Four has provided accessible and adaptable content that has been repurposed by media outlets around the world over the past four years.


Over the past four years, we have continuously reassessed the social, economic and political trends to discover new areas. In particular, this has included closer cooperation with Higher Education facilities and several programmes being established with leading research institutions. Following the Minister of State for Higher Education’s appointment as the chairman of the UAE Space Agency in 2017, we also developed new workflow practices with the MOHE team. In addition, as part of our goals of inspiring younger generations, we began profiling young space sector engineers to raise awareness about opportunities.