We were appointed to create a unique and bold brand that resonated with the relevant target audience, while remaining distinct from the surrounding competition.

Due to limited signage opportunities within the immediate area, Four established a strong, digital-lead approach.

Planning and Thinking

Through extensive research, Four clearly identified a target audience. From there, a high-energy, modern and aspirational route was developed. With research into the surrounding area, surrounding competition and further analysis of the target audience, Four created “Dockside – apartments that move you”.



This development is located moments from Canary Wharf (an area often seen as a financial hub). Canary Wharf has evolved over time to become quite the social hotspot, with restaurants, rooftop bars, cafes, art galleries and shopping opportunities. Therefore, Four created a brand and campaign approach to reflect the London city-living lifestyle that Dockside provides.

To break down the stereotypical associations attached to Canary Wharf, a lifestyle video was created to showcase the apartments themselves, as well as the various amenities and opportunities close by.

To present the modern lifestyle that accompanies Dockside, motion graphics-based assets were key players within the digital-led campaign. Four designed an animated logo to reflect the rippling of the river close by, while also utilising Notting Hill Genesis’s brand colours. This animation was then used on all social media elements, overlaid on the aforementioned lifestyle video and digital OOH.

Adapting and Learning

The campaign has proven to be engaging and flexible, and it ensures we are reaching and resonating with the target audience.

To find out more about the development, watch our lifestyle video here.