“Four’s integrated property offering has been outstanding in raising awareness of not only our developments but also Network Homes as a brand. We have utilised a full range of services across Marketing, Media and Public Relations to excellent effect – helping to create a buzz, increase traffic and enquiries and ultimately drive sales while upholding our positive reputation. Four always understand the brief and use clever insights to plan, before delivering creative work efficiently, effectively and within budget, operating as trusted advisors and an extension of our team rather than a bolt on. We look forward to continuing to work together in future.” – Lisa Ley, sales & marketing director


We wanted to set new standards and raise the bar with a comprehensive marketing strategy and creative campaign that aligned with the rhythm of Brixton. We needed to drive sales for 96 one, two and three bed apartments, and were tasked with naming the development, branding it and delivering content across print, digital and signage.

Planning and Thinking

Four completed an in depth and all-inclusive analysis of the development and identified typical buyers to target with the inspirational and energised creative route. We researched and explored Brixton, analysing the competition and target audiences. This ultimately shaped the electric and eclectic ‘something for everyone’ campaign.


Four fashioned and formed a well thought out strategy and creative proposal to attract local first-time buyers and young families. We decided to run an engaging lifestyle campaign pre-launch, and used photography and film to bring the buzz of Brixton to the forefront of our brand.

The main launch commenced with a sleek marketing suite and a bold brochure, supported by a full website, print, digital advertising campaigns and signage. All marketing materials were written in a trendy yet playful tone of voice and incorporated imagery embedding the message of BRX being a new, cool place to live.

From bus sides to building wraps, direct mailers and Instagram stories, advertising was carefully planned and executed, to spread the BRX message and generate enquiries.


The launch was a great success, with all released units reserved. Four continues to adapt and evolve the campaign, to ensure we are talking to the correct audiences and maximising interest and engagement.


Understanding and responding to the buyer profile, Four shaped and tailored the creative to suit the Brixton area and target the right audience. Together with Network Homes, Four shared its knowledge and information to ensure budgets were accurately and efficiently spent and sales targets achieved and exceeded.