19 April, 2018

Our behaviour change experts recently helped get 1 million tags for a citizen science project during British Science Week, a ten day national celebration of science run by the British Science Association (BSA).

This year there was a particular focus on plastics and recycling and BSA partnered up with charity The Plastic Tide, with Four releasing a news story about the 10 most common – and unusual – pieces of rubbish to wash up on Britain’s beaches to drive engagement in a citizen science project to get the public ‘tagging’ plastic from the sofa.

To date, the story has secured over 100 pieces of coverage including in the Guardian, the Times, Daily Mail, BBC Breakfast and Sky News. With PR as the only driver, the coverage has directly driven consumer action. Plastic Tide and BSA set a target for 250,000 tags and have achieved 1 million in total. This work will help to train a computer to catalogue the images automatically.

If you want to help stem the tide of plastic, get tagging here

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