Three Adelphi Published book covers

June was a bumper month for Adelphi Publishers – an independent imprint from long-term Four Culture client and Everyman’s Library publisher David Campbell – which released three new titles: the eventful memoirs of wine expert Steven Spurrier, Wine – A Way of Life; a fantastical fable of good versus evil by Getty images co-founder Mark Getty, Like Wildfire Blazing; and Argentine estanciero Martín Cullen’s fascinating debut, The Estancia.

The team kicked off June with the publication of Spurrier’s autobiography, who rose to fame after hosting ‘The Judgement of Paris’ – a California vs France tasting that revolutionised the world of wine and subject of the 2008 film starring Alan Rickman. Reviewed in The Spectator and Daily Telegraph, which describes Spurrier as a “legend [who is] widely regarded as one of the most influential of his generation”, the book was launched in suitably glamourous fashion at London’s private wine club 67 Pall Mall.

Like Wildfire Blazing by Mark Getty (who recently shared some insights on his reading and writing habits with City AM and was interviewed in The Sunday Times) followed closely; a strikingly beautiful publication, it’s likely to be one of the strangest and most unique books published this year.

Finally, Martín Cullen’s The Estancia was published at the end of last week! Tune into Monocle24 on 29 July to listen to Martín discuss his debut novel and pick up a copy of The Lady this week to read a review. The novel was inspired by his upbringing in the upper echelons of Buenos Aires society and offers an insider’s look at the now vanished patrician class of the Argentine, which began to fall apart with the rise of the Peronist regime in the late 1940 and 50s.