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We Can Face It

Around 40% of women in the UK have some degree of unwanted facial hair (UFH). The brief was to create a campaign that would give women with UFH in need of help, the confidence to seek treatment advice from their GPs. We launched a women’s health awareness campaign called We Can Face It, which aimed to create a supportive community for the thousands of women with the condition and encourage them to seek help from their GP.

Research amongst 1,000 women was conducted and We Can Face It was developed in partnership with a steering committee of healthcare professionals including Dr Dawn Harper (Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies), specialist doctors and the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) charity, Verity. A launch event was attended by 100 people and supported by celebrities. Media coverage reached more than 40 million including Times Body and Soul, BBC Online and News of the World.

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