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Volunteer for Children’s Panel. It’s Life Changing

Children's Hearings Scotland

The national Children’s Panel is a lay tribunal which makes vital decisions about neglected, abused and troubled children who need help to get their lives back on track. We were tasked with driving recruitment of 500 panel members, representing a cross section of the public, with a focus on C2DE, 18-40 year old men.

Angels’ Share actor Paul Brannigan launched last year’s campaign. As he’d been in front of the panel as a child, he was able to use his experiences to appeal to potential volunteers, speaking openly about his difficult upbringing in Glasgow’s East End.

The integrated campaign attracted 1,396 signed application forms ultimately securing a total of 820 new members. With robust evaluation thanks to individual codes, we know that PR generated a quarter of the text responses, second only to radio, and exceeding print advertising, field marketing and outdoor media responses combined.  

That certainly struck a chord with the CIPR judges who awarded us a Public Sector Gold in 2015.