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Turning the world green to celebrate Ireland

Tourism Ireland

The Tourism Ireland (TI) Global Greenings campaign turns everything from the Eiffel Tower to Niagara Falls green. The objective of our campaign was to use St Patrick’s Day (SPD) and the Global Greenings to promote Ireland as a tourism destination.

In developing our strategy we analysed how people behave online around St Patrick’s Day. Previous SPD campaigns required a great deal of engagement but our research showed natural behaviours were more simple. Our strategy was to give people beautiful, emotive and shareable content on the 17th of March with a strong call to action. We recommended shortening the campaign window as behaviourally people only share SPD content close to 17th March.

Our concept was simple: ‘Each year, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, the world goes green. But in Ireland, every day is bathed in green.’ The output was a cinematic piece of film that showcased the Greenings and images of Ireland, immersing viewers in spectacular footage with a strong soundtrack and voice over by Liam Neeson. We created an earned media toolkit for local markets: PR and social media approach driving editorial coverage and organic sharing of the film.

The campaign saw an outstanding overall performance – with the film accounting for 1 in 5 of the 1 billion online mentions of SPD. Most importantly in terms of outcomes, revenue from overseas visitors to Ireland grew by +18.6% during 2015, an additional €661 million for the Irish economy compared with 2014. The film was re-used for SPD 2016 making it exceptional value for money.


Tourism is of huge importance to the Irish economy and 1 in 5 new jobs created since 2011 are in the tourism sector.

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