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The true severity of asthma

We were briefed to raise awareness around the true severity of asthma, amongst the public and healthcare professionals, and the impact on morbidity and mortality.

To deliver an impactful campaign, we held two advisory boards with patients and the media, generating ideas around improving patient-GP conversations about allergic triggers and the importance of publicising data around lack of awareness of the severity of asthma. 

As a result, a patient information leaflet was produced to help patients identify if their asthma is uncontrolled with allergic triggers, as well as a survey amongst patients; identifying that more than 75% of ‘controlled’ asthma sufferers were unaware that they may be at risk of fatal attacks.

We generated wide-spread media coverage on the campaign, including Good Morning Britain, Yahoo News, Daily Mail and GP magazine. Following the campaign there was an increase in both patient-GP conversations around asthma with allergic triggers and enquiries to the leading patient organisation.  

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