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Stop the Clot

On behalf of a patient group and pharmaceutical company, we led a campaign to raise awareness of preventable deaths from blood clots acquired in hospital. The key aim was for more pre-operative venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessments to be carried out within UK hospitals, as mandated by the Chief Medical Officer of England and Wales, thereby saving lives.

As a result of the campaign, 29 NHS Trusts supported the campaign, 16 local MPs, 10 mayors and 6 sports teams did ‘pledge signing’ photo calls. Two BBC regional TV stations; six BBC and 15 independent local radio stations covered the campaign. 80% of key newspapers in priority areas generated at least 1 article for Stop the Clot and 50% of these generated at least 4 articles each.

The campaign was a resounding success.  Coverage circulation was 18,057,707 and exceeded expected targets by almost 300%.  All NHS Trust hospitals in the target areas ensured that pre-operative VTE risk assessment was put in place and has certainly contributed positively to decreasing the number of preventable deaths from VTE. 

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