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Raising awareness of preventable issues abroad

Foreign and Commonwealth office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) consular posts help people when they are abroad and run into any number of issues such as lost passports, drug/alcohol detentions, injury or loss of life. The campaign objective is to reduce preventable issues by driving awareness and changing behaviour.

Our planning is informed by data from FCO consular posts on the most common/time-consuming cases, as well as reported behaviour from independent research and real-time issues monitoring e.g. during summer months. In-depth audience insights are based on TGI reports, ABTA and ABI reports, Mintel travel trends reports and our own knowledge of travel and destination marketing. We use behaviour change theory such as re-framing, salience and social norms to inform our strategy (MINDSPACE).

Content marketing and social media engagement is built into every campaign from the outset and follows a Hero/Hub/Hygiene model – with video, illustrative, photographic and written assets. Content marketing runs across FCO owned channels as well as earned partner and media channels. Video is key, we created a series of inexpensive advice videos featuring Club 1830 reps and reality TV celebrities talking about how to be safe & secure in resorts such as Ibiza and Ayia Napa.

We measure outputs, outtakes and outcomes which are fully aligned to KPIs set at the start of each year. The ‘Take Your Pic’ 2015 campaign delivered campaigns for 9 resorts in 4 countries. 30 partners shared our digital content. Importantly, in terms of outcomes we saw a 7.4% fall in consular cases in proportion to the number of visitors to the 9 resorts. 

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