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Making online safer in the UK

Home Office

We work with the Home Office on the integrated Cyber Aware campaign and deliver PR, partnership, content, social media and digital marketing. The objective is to make the UK a safer place to interact and do business online.

We use a RICU behavioural audience segmentation and our own TGI insights; the campaign focuses on at-risk individuals and SMEs (micro and sole traders).

The strategy is to make cyber security relevant by linking to things our audience care about: family or passion points for consumers and cash flow or reputation for business. We look at ‘points of incidence’ when partners and media can help us to nudge behaviour by delivering our messages.

Campaign peaks are developed with media and partner engagement in mind via social media and shareable elements that partners can easily engage in and partner toolkits that include social content, blogs, press releases and advertising. Our peaks of creative behaviour-focussed campaigns include #thinkrandom (three random words to create a strong password).

We co-created a Government/KPMG Value of Reputation research-based report to drive media coverage, social content and partner engagement. Barclays have used it at their own SME events.

Extensive research has demonstrated that the integrated campaign has measurably made the UK a safer place to interact and do business online. Phases One and Two measurably influenced over 2m people to change their behaviour and adopt more than ten safer online practices. That equates to a saving of over £27m in potential loss to online crime based on the lowest level of loss assumptions.


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