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Launching the UAE Space Agency

UAE Space Agency

The Four gulf team had a clear objective of acceptance and positive feedback of the UAE Space Agency as a key player within in the international space industry when developing a strategy for the client.

By moving the event from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and combining the Global Space and Satellite Forum (GSSF) with the launch of the strategy for the UAE space sector Four ensured strong attendance from national and international media and stakeholders.

Four established a taskforce group who were solely responsible for the event delivery and material development, including the UAE Space Agency’s leading management and communications team. This team ensured that the Chairman and the director General mentioned the new strategy and event in all communications, visits and speaking platforms.

This campaign resulted in over 340 positive pieces of coverage from broadcasting, print and over half coming from online. 26% of all coverage was reported on an international level, in over 10 languages, with more than half being reported in English across 26 countries.

Four have managed to position the Director General as an international expert in the space industry. Now being listed as one of the world’s five most influential space leaders by Space News Magazine and Sheikha Al Maskari, CCO of UAESA was named as one of UAE’s 25 Most Influential Women. 

The UAESA received the prestigious Gulf Business Industry Awards and was commemorated as ‘Innovator of the Year’