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Jump Into Ireland

Tourism Ireland

Scotland is a key market for both Northern Ireland and Ireland and our brief from Tourism Ireland was to move it from a ‘top ten’ lists of places to visit in their life to a ‘must go now’ destination.

We organised circa 25 press trips each year, ran an annual Glasgow stakeholders lunch, attracted over 500 schools entries for our Giant’s Causeway drawing competition, and linked with Celtic Football Club which was hosting a ‘green’ day over St Patrick’s Day weekend to encourage fans to turn up at the stadium wearing green.

Our highlight, in every sense, was arranging to ‘green’ the Clyde Auditorium, aa part of Tourism Ireland’s global experiential landmark ‘greening’ programme.

As part of the integrated marketing mix, PR contributed to an estimated 330,000 visitors from Scotland to the Republic of Ireland over twelve months, an increase of 26% on the previous year.