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HIV Medicine

Advances in HIV management – publications series

Advances in this therapeutic area have ensured that people are now living longer with HIV. However, the challenge remains of ensuring that the long-term health needs of these individuals are met. We supported the development of a series of publications on unmet need in HIV. The first was A Key Opinions in Medicine paper, which was distributed at 2015 European Aids Society Conference, detailing the unmet long-term health needs of those living with HIV.  The publication’s content was highlighted at an onsite media event, attended by top-tier medical and consumer media from 15 EU countries.

Additionally, a peer-reviewed supplement in HIV Medicine shared information on the latest advances in HIV treatments, with the potential to provide solutions to some of these unmet needs regarding long term health. The supplement reached a subscriber audience of over 1,300, with an additional 2,000 reprints distributed in 15 European countries. A further two publications are planned; reviewing data on switch-strategies and sub-populations.

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