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Herding sharks


Four Public Affairs shone the political spotlight on rogue debt management companies for PayPlan, which was seeking better regulation of the sector as a whole.

We delivered a full-spectrum lobbying and integrated communications campaign in support of this objective, encouraging the pursuit by the Daily Mirror of its ‘Stop the Debt Rogues’ campaign.

We organised engagement days to ensure supporting arguments could be effectively articulated to key influencers. Success was measured in over 50 face-to-face meetings with Parliamentarians which generated backbench momentum in support of Payplan’s objectives of getting the Government to act, including via Oral Questions to the Prime Minister, the triggering of debates and the organisation of ministerial delegations. Four Communications also successfully promoted the case for the Business, Innovation & Skills Select Committee to launch an Inquiry into debt management. The client subsequently provided oral evidence before the Committee, following intensive training from the Four Public Affairs team.

Despite the existence of the deregulatory agenda, the terms of debate altered significantly to favour our client over the course of the campaign, with the Financial Conduct Authority eventually introducing a much more robust enforcement regime in April 2014 than that delivered by the Office of Fair Trading.

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