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Bringing Paym to the masses

Payments Council

In 2014 we launched one of the biggest behaviour change campaigns in financial services. Paym, the cross-bank service launched by The Payments Council, lets you transfer money to friends, family, suppliers and colleagues using just a mobile number.

But how do you create behaviour change and get consumers to understand that this is the ‘new normal’? Our objective was to raise awareness of Paym, so the banks and building societies could then sign their customers up using the Desire and Action model (AI/DA model).

We addressed the most common barrier to consumers  – security fears by communicating clear, transparent messages around ubiquity, ease and security with journalists and stakeholders – ensuring that these messages came through strongly in our coverage.

For launch day we used our IOU report content to demonstrate how Paym revolutionises the movement of money amongst family and friends. We engaged hearts and minds by showing we owe each other £12.6billion in IOUs.  We turned launch day  into Paym PayDay and woke up to Paym on the Today programme, read it in the Metro on the way into work, watched a feature on the sofa of BBC News with Rory Cellan-Jones and scrolled through Twitter with many stakeholders, commentators and national and regional newspapers engaging.

Raising awareness of the new brand was our key objective and a week after launch 45% of consumers recognised Paym. Driving consumers to register for the service was vital. 45% of traffic during the launch campaign was driven by links in online PR coverage, organic searches or direct visits. On launch day these accounted for 73% of website traffic. 

700,000 consumers registered for Paym within a month of the service going live.

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