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Breaking Point Report

We were briefed to create a cohesive argument for improving the management and treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis in the UK. With the support of a multidisciplinary steering group, a new report was developed; Osteoporosis in the UK at Breaking Point, which called upon politicians, commissioners, doctors and patients to take action against this silent disease.

Breaking Point was launched at the House of Lords, Westminster and attended by 42 representatives from target stakeholder groups. 24 publications including the Daily Mail, Independent on Sunday, GP and Geriatric Medicine covered the report findings.

Within one month, 400 copies of the Breaking Point report were requested. Hits on the National Osteoporosis Association’s website increased by 200%. The Westminster Newsletter covered the report and encouraged MPs to take action within their local constituency and at a national level. Widespread recognition of the need for change in the treatment and management of the disease led to the inclusion of osteoporosis in the 2012/13 Quality and Outcomes Framework.

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