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An appetite for change

Food Standards Scotland

Whether taking the lead on the sugar tax debate, exploring attitudes to food safety, or plunging into the deep-fried Mars bar debate, we’ve been busy putting Food Standards Scotland (FSS) on the map.

Taking over the responsibilities of the Food Standards Agency, this new public sector food body for Scotland launched on 1 April 2015.  It puts consumer interests and protection at the heart of everything it does in relation to food.

All our bite sized chunks of PR activity contained clear advice to consumers. In terms of a call to action, message penetration has been piercingly accurate with 99% of coverage on our food labelling blitz referencing the campaign hashtag.

We’ve begun to build industry leadership. FSS’s report, Scotland’s Diet: It Needs To Change was downloaded 421 times from their website and site traffic levels increased by 27% during the week of publication compared to the week before.  All down to our media relations and stakeholder engagement programme.

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