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Anne Clarke

Anne Clarke
Managing director, Four Change

Anne is responsible for coordinating the agency’s public sector and campaigning work. She has established a network of contacts within central Government, is an expert in behaviour change campaigns and is a regular commentator on the topic.

Anne has an MA in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin and worked on Government behaviour change campaigns for over ten years, working for British, Irish and Scottish governments.  

Campaigning work has included everything from fire safety, employment and literacy campaigns to working with Tourism Ireland to develop the Path to Growth communications strategy which resulted in a bumper year for tourism in 2015. The public sector briefs may be different but our approach is based on in-depth audience knowledge, behavioural insights and creativity. We measure real results not just coverage for example lives saved or savings for the nation.

Her experience also spans private sector and she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world from Disney to American Express. As you might expect, along the way she has work on numerous crisis communications situations and supports clients with scenario planning and issues management. 

She works a range of high profile public sector clients from cyber security to skills to tourism. Current clients include the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, Kew Gardens and the South Australian Tourism Commission, amongst others.