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An integrated offering drawing on the experience and expertise of our senior consultants
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Four Consulting draws on the skills, experience and knowledge that our senior consultants have acquired over many years advising clients. Experience of a wide range of issues in numerous sectors including financial services, property, travel, transport, healthcare, culture, sport and education. 

Our core offering is based on four pillars of communications - understanding, preparing, resolving, and partnering. Each of these four services will help your business to be prepared to respond to the challenges of the changing circumstances and reputational threats.

Our services 


We undertake auditing, research, benchmarking as well as competitor and marketplace analysis for a variety of UK and global clients from private and public sectors including health, travel, culture, property and financial services.


We have extensive experience in media training, select committee training and issues-based workshops. In the last five years, we have trained more than 500 senior managers in handling media. We also provide specialist sales training in sponsorship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for organisations seeking to educate and empower employees. Our workshops cover topics such as narrative & messaging, sponsorship, CSR positioning, the marketing communications mix and social media.


We have helped many clients prepare for potential issues and been on hand to provide help, support and advice when a crisis occurs. From crisis manual development to scenario planning, virtual crisis and media training, we have worked on issues as diverse as:

  • Fires
  • Impact of uprisings
  • Transport disasters
  • Betting scandals
  • Drugs in sport
  • Banking collapse
  • Corporate failings


When it comes to reputation, there is a lot to be said for the company you keep. Smart partnerships and strategic alliances, whether through sponsorship, CSR programmes, responsible business initiatives or charitable links, can provide both hard business benefits and softer reputational advantages. At Four, we understand the importance of stature by association and third party endorsement in making organisations more robust.  

We offer the following partnering services: sponsorship ‘search and select’; sponsorship valuation; CSR programme development; charitable partnership assessment; and responsible business consultancy.

Crisis and Issues Management

Much of our crisis work was, is, and remains confidential, however some of our work is a matter of public record and the recipient of industry awards.  Our team has managed crisis communications across most industry sectors, for a variety of organisational types, covering a wide variety of crises and unforeseen circumstances.